in general


Are you open to commissions?

On paid ones: I'm rather not.
For free: get off my website.

Will you send out CAD/STEP files for [any design]?


I have a great idea for parts that would likely benefit a large amount of people,
but no means to create this. Would you?

Maybe! Hit me up through Kontakt, if it's cool and not already available, I'm all ears!

What's a grabhole?

Most definitely an acquired taste

I can't find [a model without link] for download. Can you send it to me?

Maybe. I post a lot of old designs that look cool in CAD or on paper but just didn't work nicely in the real world, or are outdated. Or I assume no one would want them, to begin with. If I didn't link a download-page that's possibly the reason. Other reasons could be that the design is so specific (like, it relies on very specific parts and setups) that I don't feel they handle much value for others, this is the case for lens-enclosures for example. But it doesn't hurt to ask, you can drop me a message through Kontakt.


on focusers


I have [terrific wide-angle adapter], will it fit into any of the Pfocus housings?

I can't know without having the glass in my hands, but generally: very, very unlikely. The glasses would need to be the exact size and shape, and even if they are there's a chance that the distance the elements need is totally off and you either overshoot or can't reach infinity focus.

Will you just send me the CAD/STEP files so I can adjust the housing for [terrific wide-angle adapter]?


Can you make a housing for [terrific wide-angle adapter]?

Very likely, yes.

... will you make a housing for [terrific wide-angle adapter]?

No, probably not.
Okay, I probably have to elaborate on this. Making a focuser is not terribly hard, but making it work well enough and ensure it possibly works for others as well just takes a lot of time. Then, not every wide-angle converter works properly as a focuser to begin with, and I also can't just buy any wide-angle converter to check how well it could work. I can't make a focuser from your measurements, it doesn't work like that. And even if you would send me a copy, I'd probably have to pay some tax, drive to the tax office for pickup (nightmare!), and till I know how well this thing works I already invested a some serious time.
A way you can get me interested in making a new housing is if you already know how well it could work and if the glass is (still) widely available and ideally doesn't cost a fortune. For these, I'm always on the lookout. Hit me up through Kontakt if you have something like that!

Come on! I will pay you to do it!

This is flattering, but no, I'm not into comissions. This stuff here is my fun happy-place, and I don't wanna ruin this by making it an obligation.
That is one reason. Another is, I'm terribly expensive. I'm no professional CAD user but that doesn't mean my time isn't valuable and if I have to use my scarce free time on this I can't work for exposure.
You know what, I get this question so often, let's head through this - say I work for 50€/hour, which is fair compensation in my field. You provide me the glass (shipping costs and possibly tax apply); I receive it, I play around with it and see how well it works as a focuser, which means I need to print some clamps to test. This, excluding print time, takes at least two hours. For a housing to just work somehow, I probably need 4-5h. But you pay for it, so you want fancy stuff, you want proper infinity stops and maybe more, hard-stops or whatever. And I need to print and test everything here. And that is what takes the most time, so let's pretend in total we sit at 14h, this won't cut it but let's pretend. My printer ran the whole time, meaning I can't use it for what I actually wanna do; I won't charge this, but I have to charge the machine-time (filament, wear, power, etc), so let's use a flat-rate of 50€ here.
So we have 2h of prep-time (100€), 14h of design and building (700€), the printer-rate (50€), plus any kinda shipping and/or tax that applies. So if we talk international shipping we probably sit at around 900€ on your end. Now the actual hours might be more and I can't even hold a deadline because I have a day-job and this calculation doesn't include any printing time, there are lots of pauses between the work.

And in the end, I'm pretty sure you don't want to pay that money for a 3D printed focuser.
I am aware that I do sound like an asshole here, it is what it is. So please, unless it's a project that could really be for the "greater good" and its most interesting feature isn't just that it is already in your posession, take this FAQ as an answer.

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