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Pfocus and pfamily, the 3D printable DIY single focus solutions

various rear lens caps with focal length display

Grabhole QR Adapter

Canon C-8 anamorphic 2x Housing

~70mm clamp with beam support

chassis for low-powered +0,33 77mm diopter

Kompi v3, the 3D printable clip-on mattebox

114mm donuts for matteboxes

original Grabhole clamp for Sankor Type-5e

Cinemax-8 anamorphic 1,75x Housing

M75 adapter with beam support

beam support for Rectilux Hardcore DNA

Grabhole-Adapter for Rapido Technology v3 Clamp

ISCO-Göttingen Anamorphot 1,5x Housing

beam support for Rapido Technology FVD-16a


tubing for Sankor Compact-Cinemascope and Anamo-Prime

gripping attachment for the Rectilux Hardcore DNA

beam Support for Aivascope 1,5x

Oval-Clicker with fishing line support for anamorfaking

beam support for M65 helicoids

front beam for Rapido Technology Front Metal Jacket v2

seamless lens gears (gears for Fujian 35mm f/1.6 are shown)

beam support, model Köln

M75 front replacement for single focus solutions
(adapter for Sankor Type-5e is shown)

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