Filter Thread Data Generator for Fusion 360

This generator creates XML-conform data for thread generation inside of Autodesk Fusion 360 for 3D printing. The data created is only meant for standard filter threads and will likely not work for all purposes (unless the threads are meant to be the same spec as typical filter threads).
Aside of the raw thread data, a 2nd set with an already applied tolerance for better printing results is provided as well. Note that 0.5 pitch data is hard to print properly and might need an SLA printer.
It's only capable of creating suitable results for common filter threads, so data for an M95x0.5 might be just as off as an M20x1.

The data generated here still has to be manually copied into your own or an existing data-set XML of Fusion 360. I recommend dublicating an existing metrical data-set (e.g. ISOMetricprofile.xml) and replace the entries with the data here. Make sure to only delete the thread-data and not the necessary header- and footer-information. Keep a backup of this file seperate from your Fusion install; in case of an update Fusion 360 often creates a new directory with a new version specific ID and copies all its data over, leaving your own XML behind. Just copy it over again in this case.

For more information on how to add custom thread-data into Fusion 360, visit this article.
Pro-Tip: at least on Windows, you can use the file-search for an existing .xml to quickly enter the right directory.

I noticed that Fusion 360 sometimes does not generate internal threads with a pitch of 0.5; the data is correct so I have no idea why this happens. Either way, it's a Fusion 360 issue (or bug?) that I can't do anything about.

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Kontakt | the generator shown is provided under the terms of CC BY-NC-ND 4.0